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Lowell “Boyet” Menorca is once again the focus of attention, and you get the feeling this is just the way he wants it.  With his arrest, what was Menorca able to do?

  1. Avoid testifying in Court.  Menorca claims that he is being silenced, but what part of the trial did he miss by being arrested?  Cross-examination of the complainant’s testimony that has already been plagued his camp with so many problems.  Hence, they benefit from the trial’s postponement.

They have been losing the court battle.  Their lawyer knows only how to make an appeal to public opinion through mass media outlets and not actual litigation.  Trixie Angeles and Menorca are not after truth, facts, or justice, but the paycheck they get for their demolition job on the INC’s reputation, especially during this election year.  What are some of the problems they have faced with Menorca’s testimony?

First, they failed to furnish respondents with copies of the judicial affidavits of their witnesses on the deadline set by the court last Nov. 5.  Their late submission was clearly an act to “ambush respondents” and should have led to the dismissal already of the testimony of the complainants.  During the hearing, so many inconsistencies were pointed out that show that the complainants were bearing false witness (

“During the cross examination by lawyers of INC leaders named respondents in the habeas corpus and amparo cases, inconsistencies in the testimonies of Menorca’s wife Jinky, brother Anthony and nanny Abegail Yanson were produced.

“Jinky even admitted that she did not  witness her husband being taken by armed men last July in Bulan, Sorsogon, contrary to the claim of her twin sister Jungko Otsuka in the petition.

“Menorca’s wife said it was Yanson who just told her about the incident.

“’So, you did not see how Ka Lowell was picked up?’ INC lawyer Salvador Peña asked, to which Jinky answered, ‘I did not see it with my eyes.’

“Jinky also admitted that her sister did not visit her, while they were held inside the INC compound in Quezon City, but Jungko denied this in her affidavit and admitted she visited the former several times.

“The INC lawyer also compelled Jinky to admit that she and the rest of her family were able to leave their apartment/quarters for church, the gym, badminton court, the canteen and the other facilities inside the INC Central compound in Quezon City, go to the hospital, and even bring their balikbayan visitors to the Philippine Arena in Bulacan during the duration of their alleged detention.

“The petition earlier alleged that the family was harassed and made to live deplorable conditions while under INC custody, but Yanson revealed upon cross examination that the family ‘was treated well.’

“Anthony, for his part,  testified that his knowledge of the alleged abduction of his brother only came from the Menorca couple, prompting the INC lawyer to call it ‘hearsay.’”

Second, when it comes to the affidavit of Menorca himself, 70 major problems were pointed out that included inconsistencies, irrelevancies, hearsay, and outright lies that the court had stricken from his judicial affidavit.  The hearing that got postponed was supposed to be for the grilling under cross-examination of Menorca to expose all his lies and inconsistencies, just like what happened to his wife Jinky, his brother Anthony, his sister-in-law Junko, and their househelp Abigail in court.  All were found to have lied in their testimony.  Menorca was about to be exposed that day as well under cross-examination. The only one who benefitted from Menorca not making it to court is Menorca himself.

  1. Take attention away from Faeldon’s mercenaries.  These are the marines mentioned in news reports, some of whom are deserters, others still on the active list of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, many of them are illegally armed.

These marines have been hired by Lottie and Angel and are illegally residing in the INC Compound at #36 Tandand Sora Ave.

Please take note, these are the same people who desecrated Brother Eraño G. Manalo’s home and made it their barracks.  Guess who their main organizer is?  Lowell “Boyet” Menorca or Menorca

This is why the first person whom Lottie called for help when workers came in to put the fences to separate Brother Eraño Manalo’s home from theirs is Menorca.  In the audio recording, she says she is speaking with “A.E.” According to the Rappler report of the same phone call, it is with Menorca with whom Lottie spoke.  Why did she call AE/Menorca?  Once again, he is the main organizer of those mercenary marines.

In another soundcloud audio clip, reported by Rappler (Rappler seems to always have an inside line to their stories), Angel was speaking with AE, which Attorney Trixie Angeles confirmed on Rappler was Menorca.

  1. Divert attention from the media fiasco of Lottie Manalo Hemedez’s press conference.

Mrs. Hemedez’s press conference was a complete disaster.  She simply did not come across as sympathetic.  Who can relate to someone who has never worked but proclaims herself entitled to such high maintenance support?  Do normal people have such ridiculously high electric bills and then expect other people, especially from a population that is mostly poor, to sustain them?  She suffers from the same image problem as Mar Roxas in coming across as “matapobre” or someone who looks down at the poor and thereby cannot relate to them in whatever he or she says.  In fact, in social media many sharp viewers picked up on her sly and wry smile as she softly demanded her princess privileges.

What about Lottie’s bombshell argument that she is “angkan ng Sugo” or a descendant of the Messenger?  People inside the INC know that that does not obligate the INC to still provide support for anyone once they are expelled, hence the official statement based on the Bible, “Obedience is thicker than blood.”  On the other hand, most people outside the INC, with the exception perhaps of any remaining peninsulares or hacienderos, can’t relate to Lottie’s statements.  Even supporters of Lottie, like Liezel De Ocampo (formerly known on Facebook as “Nina Agiluz”), posted how they cringed at her argument.  Their camp needed something more explosive to get people to stop thinking about it. It was not a bombshell but a bomb.

Does this matter to the group of Lottie and Menorca?  It most certainly does.  They know that they do not have facts or evidence on their side when it comes to the legal battle.  Ever since their group went public, it has always been about the media.  That is one of the reasons that Trixie Angeles was hired as the attorney of Isaias Samson, Jr., Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo, Lottie Manalo Hemedez, and Lowell “Boyet” Menorca II.  Her own self-proclaimed specialty is not litigation but handling media.

For Menorca, what would be the best way for someone as ego-driven as he is to take the spotlight away from Lottie?  His answer:  “Shine the spotlight on me.  I’ll bite the bullet for Lottie.  Just make sure it’s not a real bullet, and make sure there are a lot of cameras along with that spotlight.”

Was he really that surprised that he got arrested when he said that he would get arrested in a media interview the day before?  With a warrant of arrest, was it surprising that he was exposing himself so publicly on the way to the Court of Appeals?  Was it a coincidence that he took a route where there were undercover cops waiting and was prepared for everything to be caught on video?

Let’s be real.  He was never worried about spending a long time in jail.  He knew he could make bail.  That’s one of the reasons they registered the Restore The Church Asia Group, Inc. and have been concentrating their recruiting efforts on well-off INC members.  They easily made bail.  The cost of bail does not even come close to how much they regularly give for their mercenaries and their friends in the media.  Two nights in jail for Menorca, with his hero/savior complex, was well-worth it for all his photo-ops.  As he plays the part of Judas, he can show the world he is like Jesus.

In the end, who benefits from Menorca’s arrest?  

First and foremost, Menorca himself.  And it is not just for all the attention.  Lest anyone forget, his real intention which is why the writ of amparo and the writ of habeas corpus were filed to begin with is to push forward the aims of his group.  The Philippine Daily Inquirer intentionally twisted the intention of the writs in phrasing it as a “lifetime protection request he filed against the INC” (

Menorca is in no danger from the INC.  The real question is what is Menorca’s intention with the INC. Both writs named the INC Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo, as respondent.  For such complaints, Menorca knows the result.  If he wins his case, Brother Eduardo would then be jailed.  Menorca claims that naming in the writs Brother Eduardo Manalo “was a procedural and technical thing na hindi talaga puwedeng pigilan (that couldn’t be stopped). Pero (But) it was directed at Ka Eduardo…”  ( ).

The moves that Menorca is a part of to try and jail the INC Executive Minister are for the benefit of two groups.  One group is the group that Menorca is a member of, which includes his two former bosses at Net 25 where he served them previously.  Those bosses, “Angel” and Marco Manalo, have already been shown to be behind a conspiracy so that they themselves can replace their older brother in presiding over the entire INC.  The other group is a political party known by their yellow color, led by a politician who is close to the siblings’ mother, Cristina V. Manalo.  This same yellow party been behind the removal from office, as well as even the jailing, of people perceived as threats to their power in the past.  During this election year, they need all the help they can get to undermine the INC’s unity to secure their power for the future.  It is no wonder that Menorca’s “AE” blog, aimed at undermining the present INC Church Administration, began only one year before the next presidential elections. Menorca and the masters he serves see the favors they can procure with the next Presidential elections as an avenue not for restoring the Church but for restoring themselves to power.


  1. Hello po kapatid,
    As a poor member of the church, i won’t allow my offering to be used to pay the electric bills of the people living at TS. I worked hard for my money, for my offering, puhonon ko po ay pawis at dugo at ngayon ay gagamitin lang para tustusan ang mga pangangailangan ng mga tiwalag. Please……paalisin na sila sa TS at huwag gamitin ang abuloy natin para sa kanya. Mga tiwalag n sila at naninira pa sa Iglesia. Yung 5 million na ibiniyad sa electric bill nila, limang (5) baranggay chapel na sana ang naipatayo nuon. Sana may quick & fast resolution na sa TS at huwag nang gumastos ang Iglesia sa pangangailangan nila. Magtrabaho sila, magbanat ng buto gaya ng ginagawa naming mga mahihirap na kapatid.


  2. Ang mga kampon ng diyablo’t demonyo ay nagpipilit wasakin ang banal na kawanSubalit nasusulat na sa mga huling araw ay hindi na matatalikod ang Iglesia ni Cristo bagkus lahat ng kumakalaban ay mangapapahiya at mapapahamak.Sinabi ng panginoong Diyos ako ang gagawa at sinong pipigil.Silang nais magtalikod sa kawan ay mabibigo sapagkat may pangako ang Ama sa kanyang bayan iingatan,aalalayan ng kanang kamay ng kanyang katwiran


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